How to create the most effective ICT Vision for your School

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) will never replace a good teacher.  However, used correctly, it can radically transform our schools. Whilst this message isn’t a new one, it has resurfaced recently in the Education media, thanks to the launch of the DfE’s latest edtech strategy (3 April 2019).

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 25 April 2019

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Education Technology: THREE common pitfalls

All too often we see Schools & Trusts acquiring their ICT piecemeal, with no real thought about any forward planning. As industry experts, we know this can often be a costly mistake. 

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 04 April 2019

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6-Step Guide to ICT Planning for Schools

Want to maximise your school tech budget but don’t know where to start?

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 19 March 2019

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Effective Data Use in Schools and Trusts

Our clients have no time to spare. They want to spend their time analysing and using their school data to improve student outcomes; not waste hours, crunching numbers and pouring over spreadsheets across several different systems.

Posted by Jan Harrison - 05 March 2019

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Schools & Trusts: rationalise your ICT and save money

In this time of shrinking school budgets, leaders are looking at where they can make cost savings without compromising education standards. ICT is an area that can often be made more efficient, saving money and resource, while still delivering what you need.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 20 February 2019

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UK Education - how to plan your Trust and Schools' ICT

With over 15 years' experience helping UK trusts and schools to plan their ICT, we interviewed our Managing Director and Senior Consultant, Richard Sambrook Smith, for his best advice for senior leaders.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 05 February 2019

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Schools & MATs: a New Year's guide to setting ICT budgets

The New Year is upon us. Senior leaders at schools and multi-academy trusts (MATs) are already looking ahead, setting their budgets for the next academic year. 

Planning the ICT spend for 2019/2020 will be particularly challenging. Technological advancements to support teaching & learning are developing at a fast pace, as are a range of innovative products...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 03 January 2019

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Hammond's £400m of "little extras": How to make the best ICT choices for your School

Let’s face it.  The Chancellor's budget-pledge offering schools a capital "bonus" to buy what he called "little extras" has left the Education sector reeling. 

In the midst of a deepening crisis in teacher recruitment, his gesture to not increase revenue funding but to provide payments of up to £50,000 for “useful” things such as “whiteboards and laptops”...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 14 November 2018

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A fully immersive education – how can your School's ICT support this?

Immersive learning has always been important – and more and more technology is able to support this by engaging learners in a new interactive, digital environment. 

Virtual and augmented reality together with a host of other digital platforms are now fast becoming a revolutionary step in technology provision.

Posted by Jan Harrison - 18 October 2018

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School technology - is it helping or hindering your pupils' learning?

Technology can be an incredible enabler. Pupils want to be able to access the curriculum easily and quickly. They want to create and produce their own content. Digital technologies when set up well, can help them do just this. With careful implementation and investment, ICT can support and enhance pupils’ learning, as well as provide new opportunities to...

Posted by Andrew Martin - 25 September 2018

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