School Exam Results: THREE ways to streamline your data

Results Day is an important time, for students and schools alike. On one hand, students will be anxious to learn if they have obtained the grades required for college and apprenticeship places, future university or job applications; on the other, schools and multi-academy trusts (MATs) will need to prepare to be judged on their achievements.

Posted by Jan Harrison - 06 August 2019

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How to choose the right ICT partner for your school build project - A Novatia Note

If you’re constructing a new educational building with a robust ICT infrastructure, you will most probably require the support of an experienced ICT partner.  Not just for the ICT design elements during your bid and tender process but for the installation and delivery of the actual ICT solution.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 02 July 2019

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Should we move our ICT to be Trust-wide?

Moving from separate ICT systems, infrastructure and suppliers to a Trust-wide approach, and procuring on that basis, can be daunting.

Posted by Kara Stanford - 18 June 2019

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Data Protection Compliance – is your Academy Trust ready for an ICO audit?

One year on from the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has begun to step up its scrutiny of data protection policies and procedures at Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs).  

Posted by Andrew Martin - 23 May 2019

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Data in MATs and Academies: Five steps to drive self-evaluation and improvement

Most multi-academy trusts (MATs) and academies are busy collecting, saving and crunching enormous amounts of data.  But all too often this data is unable to be turned into truly useful information.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 14 May 2019

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How to create the most effective ICT Vision for your School

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) will never replace a good teacher.  However, used correctly, it can radically transform our schools. Whilst this message isn’t a new one, it has resurfaced recently in the Education media, thanks to the launch of the DfE’s latest edtech strategy (3 April 2019).

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 25 April 2019

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Education Technology: THREE common pitfalls

All too often we see Schools & Trusts acquiring their ICT piecemeal, with no real thought about any forward planning. As industry experts, we know this can often be a costly mistake. 

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 04 April 2019

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6-Step Guide to ICT Planning for Schools

Want to maximise your school tech budget but don’t know where to start?

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 19 March 2019

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Effective Data Use in Schools and Trusts

Our clients have no time to spare. They want to spend their time analysing and using their school data to improve student outcomes; not waste hours, crunching numbers and pouring over spreadsheets across several different systems.

Posted by Jan Harrison - 05 March 2019

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Schools & Trusts: rationalise your ICT and save money

In this time of shrinking school budgets, leaders are looking at where they can make cost savings without compromising education standards. ICT is an area that can often be made more efficient, saving money and resource, while still delivering what you need.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 20 February 2019

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