Making sure your MAT and Schools are protected.

The LGfL (London Grid for Learning) and NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) Report on cyber security schools audit for 2022 made worrying reading, some key stats are: 

  • Only 53% of schools said they felt prepared for a cyber incident
  • 21% of schools have experienced a malware or ransomware attack
  • 6 schools in 2022 reported a parent losing money due to a cyber attack

Because of these figures, we want to ensure all schools and MATs take steps to ensure that their ICT is safe and secure. Watch our short video, which gives you easy tips to decrease the risk of cyber attacks.

Novatia Services

Cyber-security is not being ignored in UK schools, but the conversations about it need to be louder, longer and listened to by more people. Being forewarned is being forearmed, MATs need to take the cyber threat seriously and take steps to embed vigilance into the day-to-day. So what needs to happen? We offer services that will help you understand your current position and where to make changes and improvements as well as support on implementing the recommended measures. 

  • ICT Audit & Strategy
    • This provides you with an independent review of your technical and operational educational ICT security highlighting any areas of
      improvement or gaps in protection. It will also assess understanding of cyber security and how vigilant staff and students are.  
  • Data Audit & Strategy 
    • We will work with you to understand how we can improve the way you use your data as a school or MAT, including its
      protection and the way it is stored.
  • ICT Consultancy & Advice
    • Using Novatia's expertise without being tied into long contracts, we can offer advice to your school or MAT helping you to enhance
      ICT security or guide you with any other technical, operational or commercial consultancy you may need.

      Jon Jones, Technical Consultant here at Novatia and former ICT Director for a large MAT says:

"it's imperative to have an information security/cyber security policy that is regularly

updated, backed up by regular training of all stakeholders in the organisation to ensure they

understand their responsibilities with regards to ensuring the organisation is protected from cyber attacks."

Download our free guide which explores six steps that you can implement for improved cyber protection and stakeholder awareness.

Six ways to improve cyber security vigilance