How MATs make the most of their Procurement process

MATs are achieving maximum benefits from running their procurement process effectively.

Posted by Alex Wood - 12 May 2022

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DfE Construction Framework 2021: The importance of having an ICT consultant - A programme manager’s view

The Department for Education’s (DfE)new £7bn Construction Framework haspaved the way for the 26 selected contractors to start work on the construction of schools, universities, and technical colleges across England.

For all these new school builds it is important to have an experienced ICT partner with you throughout the whole project - bidding,...

Posted by Jim Shelston - 23 March 2022

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Strategic benefits of carrying out a Data Audit and Review

Many Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) and schools have been using data more and more over the past few years and this has helped with key strategic decision making, but it is worth taking stock and asking yourself if you are making the most of your data and is it being gathered, compiled and analysed efficiently.

Posted by Andrew Martin - 14 October 2021

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Achieving ICT excellence for schools through partnerships with Contractors

You are the contractor for a new school build and naturally you want it to be well planned, go smoothly and be ready for handover, on time and on budget.

As you know, the key to achieving this is having the right partners, whose area of expertise you can tap into.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 04 October 2021

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Novatia: a chosen ICT Consultancy provider through the CPC Framework

Knowing and understanding what ICT services you need to procure for your MAT isn’t always an easy process; it can be time consuming and require personnel with the right skills. We help many schools and MATs, through ICT Consultancy, to deliver ICT that will help the school or MAT to deliver on their goals.

Posted by Andrew Martin - 04 August 2021

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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR): Getting to grips with energy and carbon reporting

With pressures on the UK to meet its climate change targets, the government launched Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) so all ‘large’ UK companies are required to, on an annual basis, report their carbon emissions and energy usage. In addition, the reporting should include energy efficiency measures being taken to reduce their impact on climate...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 14 July 2021

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Effective ICT Procurement - a strategic approach to achieve efficiencies

Is your organisation set up to run an effective ICT Procurement process?

You’ve identified a need for new technology or that rationalising the operational delivery of your ICT should bring efficiencies across your Trust. Now, it's time to purchase your newly identified ICT requirements in order to obtain those efficiencies. Is your organisation set up to...

Posted by Alex Wood - 11 May 2021

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Implementing ICT Projects: How to enable successful ICT project implementation

ICT in schools nowadays is vital. There are many things, both pastoral and academic teaching, that would not be able to be done without ICT to facilitate it or to help save time over doing the same things manually. Over the past year, ICT in schools has become even more visible due to schools having to identify ways of being able to deliver lessons and keep...

Posted by Andy Waring - 08 April 2021

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ICT Audits & Reviews - Now: the right time for an ICT appraisal

The current pandemic has meant that most MATs and schools have had to very quickly implement ICT Projects. We’ve been discussing with some of our clients, leaders in MATs, how while these projects were implemented at impressive speed and they ‘function’, they’re concerned they could be storing up problems for the future. Whether it’s that the setup wasn’t...

Posted by Andrew Martin - 19 February 2021

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How to correctly set your MAT's ICT Budget and avoid overspend

Despite all the uncertainty facing schools right now, we must try to remain positive and keep an eye on the future and our plans beyond COVID-19.

Posted by Andy Waring - 21 January 2021

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