Exploring data strategies and challenges for multi-academy trusts

One of the key areas involved in academy management is data. For any organisation, in any sector, data underpins almost all aspects of their operations. MATs are no exception; where accurate data is required to measure performance, assess curriculums, and monitor attendance rates, just to name a few. From a performance perspective alone, data can provide...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 21 September 2023

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Steve's Scribblings - How did we get here… and where do we go now?

The vast majority of schools that I’ve worked in had elements of their buildings built in the RAAC-era. It’s no surprise that buildings whose construction was funded by the public purse used a cheap lightweight alternative roofing material during the years when the school estate had to expand really quickly because of the ‘baby boom’. Some of the other...

Posted by Steve Warburton - 11 September 2023

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3 key benefits of end-to-end procurement outsourcing

Schools and MATs have a plethora of ICT systems and devices that are required to not only function together harmoniously, but also effectively meet the goals and objectives of an institution. The education sector, like most, has become rather dependent on digital technology to control day-to-day operations, monitor performance and deliver curriculum...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 07 September 2023

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Why staff training is vital for combatting cyber security attacks on schools

So we find ourselves near the beginning of another academic year; the summer holiday went quicker than the last and the school uniform aisle at Tesco looks like a jumble sale. Yes, the school term is almost upon us once again. For schools and MATs, it's the time of year where long checklists are being ticked off to ensure you’re fully prepared for a...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 23 August 2023

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ICT strategy for schools: 5 essential tips you may have forgotten

For UK schools and MATs, technology has become an integral part of life, allowing them to track attendance, monitor performance, communicate between departments and deliver curriculums in the most effective ways possible. Because of this, the importance of successful ICT strategies in schools cannot be overstated and getting your strategy right, from...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 17 August 2023

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What is the DfE Connect The Classroom programme and how can you benefit?

Access to reliable and high-speed internet has become crucial for educational institutions that want to fully embrace the benefits of technology for not only teaching and learning, but a plethora of other services including cloud-based management information systems and wide area networks. Recognising this, Connect The Classroom by the Department for...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 09 August 2023

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Steve's Scribblings - Chocks Away!

It’s 1993, school lunchtime and four future Headteachers were engaged with in-depth consideration of a major IT problem we were all facing… how to complete the 4th mission in Chocks Away … a game for the Archimedes computer, a device beloved of education in the early 1990s and successor to the ground-breaking BBC B machines.

Posted by Steve Warburton - 08 August 2023

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Maximising Efficiency and Reducing Costs: Optimising Software in your MAT or School

‘There’s an app for that’ was an advertising campaign which supported the roll-out of the iPhone 3 in 2009. More importantly, a classic Sesame Street song was released soon after and bears some significance to today’s blog topic…

Including lines like ‘If you need to practise singing skat, there’s an app for that’ and ‘if you want to comb your cat…’ (...

Posted by Steve Warburton - 10 May 2023

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MIS Procurement - navigating the process

Management Information Systems (MIS) are a hot topic right now. Last year, we had ESS SIMS changing their contracts from annual to three years and recently, Advanced have announced that they are ceasing their MIS services from 31st August 2023. In addition to this, there are new 'up and coming' products that are entering the MIS market. All these changes...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 21 March 2023

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Cyber Security - is your school at risk?

It's Not a Game...

Posted by Steve Warburton - 07 February 2023

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