How to correctly set your MAT's ICT Budget and avoid overspend

Despite all the uncertainty facing schools right now, we must try to remain positive and keep an eye on the future and our plans beyond COVID-19.

Posted by Andy Waring - 21 January 2021

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Buying School ICT - how to achieve the best cost savings

As advisors to UK Education, we have assisted hundreds of school leaders over the years to achieve efficiencies, as well as best value for money, by helping to steer them strategically through the ICT procurement process. 

Posted by Alex Wood - 01 December 2020

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An ICT Vision for MATs and Schools

As discussed in a previous blog post, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that many MATs and schools had to implement ICT fixes at speed. Those who had a strong ICT Vision and Strategy in place were in a better position to do this; they could make decisions quickly in the context of what they knew they were already moving towards. Others had to make decisions and...

Posted by Andy Waring - 24 September 2020

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ICT Procurement - a strategic approach to achieve efficiencies

You’ve carried out a strategic ICT Audit and Review. It’s identified a need for new technology, or you’ve discovered how rationalising the operational delivery of your ICT would bring efficiencies across your Trust. Now, it's time to procure and you need to ensure you get best value for money. But how? Is your organisation set up to run an effective ICT...

Posted by Alex Wood - 29 July 2020

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Strategic ICT Audits & Reviews - Now: the right time for an ICT appraisal

The current pandemic meant that most MATs and schools had to very quickly implement ICT Projects. We’ve been discussing with some of our clients, leaders in MATs, how while these projects were implemented at impressive speed and they ‘function’, they’re concerned they could be storing up problems for the future. Whether it’s that the setup wasn’t correct...

Posted by Andrew Martin - 11 July 2020

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ICT Projects: Implementing an ICT project during and beyond a crisis – an IT Directors advice

The last few months have been testing for many MAT and School ICT Directors. They’ve had to implement ICT initiatives at a moment’s notice without knowing how long these initiatives are for or what the future brings. But: what next? How can your MAT ensure these initiatives are in line with the ICT Strategy? How can any future ICT projects be made part of...

Posted by Andy Waring - 15 June 2020

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Data Management: Five steps to overcome five key data challenges

Multi Academy Trust (MAT) leaders should be able to easily and quickly pull together and analyse key data across their Trust and Schools.

Here we explore why the reality is often different by examining the key challenges MATs face with Data Management and Reporting and what steps a MAT leader can take to improve the situation.

Posted by Jan Harrison - 03 May 2020

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Achieving ICT excellence for schools through partnerships with Construction Contractors

No matter what your role and involvement is in a new school build, you want to know that the build is well planned, goes smoothly and is ready for handover, on time and on budget.

Posted by Jim Shelston - 07 April 2020

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Working from home for the first time?

COVID-19 is causing disruption. More and more people are being advised to work from home where possible and you may be wondering how you can make it work. Alexandra Wood, who has worked from home over the last 20 years and is Novatia’s Operations Director shares how she gets the most out of working from home.

Posted by Alex Wood - 18 March 2020

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Data: how to make it work for your MAT – the Data Audit

Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) and schools have a plethora of data, so why aren’t they all able to use it effectively? And how can they turn this around?  

Posted by Andrew Martin - 02 March 2020

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