We know the August results are etched in your mind. All schools will want to share the great news of your success and take an in depth look at the results and what they mean.

You will need to be able to investigate each area of student performance to begin to understand where interventions have made a significant impact and where improvements have been made.

If you’re part of a MAT then you’ll want to analyse the results across all your schools. This often means having to access multiple Management Information Systems and try to piece together the different data streams.

Having multiple MIS’ should not be a barrier to accessing this information. 

Here is a three point approach that we recommend to help you get the most from your exam data this summer:

  •  Be prepared – make sure your systems are up to date with any changes in theStatement of Intent 2017
  •  Be efficient – ensure your systems do the work for you, no double entry or manipulation
  •  Be effective –  make your systems work for you and help you understand your results in every key area.

If you find that you are still drowning in data, then download this free Novatia Note . We provide advice on how to take control of your data.

We at Novatia would like to wish you the best of luck in your results this summer.

If you want further information about Data Reviews or about Questa, a unique data management tool for MATS, then do contact us.


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