Data analytics for MATs and Schools

Are you struggling to pull all your data together? Are you able to gain insights from your data? Does your Data Management take up a lot of time?


If so, Questa can help.

Questa is a data aggregation tool which allows you to easily see, compare and analyse data across your whole Trust, and for each school to analyse deeper and further. It will allow you to make good evidence-backed decisions in real-time.

With Questa you can:

  • quickly understand how all your schools are performing compared to each other
  • easily know which of your schools are showing best practice
  • determine which of your schools need more support and the areas they need support in
  • enable your schools to dig deeper and easily access data which helps them understand how they are performing.

Learn more about how Questa can make complex data analysis look and feel simple. 

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"Using Questa has provided us with the ability to create one-page dashboards for our Trustees, Executive Team and each school in our Trust. These show us how our schools are performing at key data points throughout the year."

Gary Handforth

Executive Principal & Director of Education

Bright Futures Educational Trust



Questa Business Case

We know that you may need to demonstrate to Senior Management how Questa can help with your data management, individual school performance and overall Trust success.

We, therefore, have developed this Business Case Pack to help you demonstrate the value of Questa.



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