Data analytics for MATs and Schools

Questa is a data aggregation tool which allows you to easily see, compare and analyse data across all your schools, and for each school to analyse deeper and further.

With Questa you can:

  • quickly understand how all your schools are performing compared to each other
  • easily know which of your schools are showing best practice
  • determine which of your schools need more support and the areas they need support in
  • enable your schools to dig deeper and easily access data which helps them understand how they are performing.

 Questa makes complex data analysis look and feel simple.


Questa dashboard - student attendance and progress

Questa is brought to you by Novatia, experts at solving ICT problems in UK Education.


Data in UK Education - the problems and solutions: read our helpful knowledge sheet, detailing some of the common data issues school leaders encounter and how to overcome them.


Questa: how it works

Questa brings together key data about your schools in a visual format, allowing you to quickly see what is happening, and analyse it further.

With a few clicks you can dig deeper, focusing your analysis on relevant areas.

With different user levels and dashboards, Data Managers in each school can dig deeper to get a detailed understanding behind the data.

Watch this short video for a quick guided tour:

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"Using Questa has provided us with the ability to create one-page dashboards for our Trustees, Executive Team, and each school in our Trust.

These show us how our schools are performing at key data points throughout the year."

Gary Handforth, Executive Principal & Director of Education, Bright Futures Educational Trust


"Questa has helped make my life so much easier.

I don't have to sit for hours churning all the data out myself from Excel spreadsheets.

I now have more time to look at the data in greater detail."

Marie Foucher, Deputy Headteacher, Ilford County High School



Questa: inspired, designed, built and managed in the UK.

Inspired: by working with over 500 schools and Trusts over 16 years

Designed: by senior education leaders and teachers who know what Trusts and their schools actually need

Built: over three years and continually tested in the real world by Trusts

Managed: by our expert data team ready to help you get the most from it.


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