Follow our seven point checklist to make sure you choose the right ICT partner …

In today’s evolving digital world, how do you ensure that a new educational building has an ICT infrastructure that not only performs well and adapts swiftly now and in the future, but is up and running on time?

Designing and delivering an ICT infrastructure for a new school needs knowledgeable people, with proven experience within the Education sector.  You need their input, not just during the tender and bid stages but with design as well as installation and delivery.  It’s a specialist job; you must choose your ICT partner for a new build school project wisely.

Here are seven factors you should consider:

  1. Proven track record. Your ICT partner needs to have worked on jobs like this before; working through the entire process from tender to post-delivery.  Look for proof; testimonials are essential.
  1. Excellent, well documented processes. Check that your potential ICT partner has clearly defined processes, setting out standards agreed and how to mitigate or deal with risks.  This ensures the smooth running of the project.
  1. Broad approach to ICT in Education. They need to be education focussed and able to support and advise the school in any ICT choices it needs to make.
  1. Support at the bid stage. Your ICT partner should be able to understand the technical requirements of a tender in order to support you during the bid writing stage.  They should recognise the value of an integrated team.
  1. Design expertise for ICT infrastructures. You need an ICT partner who is always a step ahead; check their understanding of the significant planning required and of the risks, particularly at the installation and delivery stage.
  1. Efficient installation and delivery. They must be highly experienced and have the technical expertise to deliver all the components of the solution.  Their quality control must be first-rate if they use subcontractors.
  1. What happens post installation?. Your ICT partner must be able to provide robust testing procedures and have clear processes in place for training the schools’ support staff.

And one final tip …

Ask yourself, is your ICT partner passionate about improving learning outcomes through creating outstanding educational environments? Pick a company that understands the outcomes the ICT is there to deliver: not one who will choose technology for technology’s sake.

For more detailed advice about choosing the right ICT partner for constructing a new educational building, please download a copy of our Novatia Note.

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