School Exam Results: making the most of the data

We know the August results are etched in your mind. All schools will want to share the great news of your success and take an in depth look at the results and what they mean.

You will need to be able to investigate each area of student performance to begin to understand where interventions have made a significant impact and where improvements have been...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 21 July 2017

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Designing and constructing a new educational building?

Follow our seven point checklist to make sure you choose the right ICT partner …

In today’s evolving digital world, how do you ensure that a new educational building has an ICT infrastructure that not only performs well and adapts swiftly now and in the future, but is up and running on time?

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 19 July 2017

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Data, data, everywhere … three common pitfalls for MATs. How can you spot them?

We’ve worked with a lot of schools over many years and can see clearly when MATs are heading to a point where their data is getting out of control.  In our experience, there are three pinch points that could easily tip a good data management process into a chaotic one if not handled carefully:

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 07 July 2017

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Time to start thinking strategically about your school’s ICT

Many schools and MATs have been getting by, devising ICT plans and approaches as they go along, adding different elements as they are needed. Often, it's an approach born out of necessity and a desire to get results quickly. However, in the long-term it leads to chaos and confusion as differing platforms and applications all jostle and wrestle each other.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 21 June 2017

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Are you drowning in School data? If so, here's how to gain control...

Data. In theory, all the data that you collect and hold should be helping you to improve the educational experience and outcomes of your pupils.  However, as we all know, that doesn’t always happen. The reality can be far different.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 06 June 2017

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Novatia awarded place on G-Cloud 9 Framework for Questa

Novatia has been awarded a place on the CCS G-Cloud 9 (Cloud software) Framework for Questa, our innovative management information system for senior leaders of Multi Academy Trust and their schools.

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 24 May 2017

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Protecting your schools and trusts from cyber-attacks

As we all know, a massive cyber-attack has disrupted services across the world.

Over 72 hours since the first attack became public, we should have all been taking the following procedures to ensure our immediate protection:

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 16 May 2017

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Novatia shortlisted for BETT 2017 Education Technology Award

Novatia has been shortlisted for a Bett 2017 industry award for Questa, the company’s new premier analytics service for multi-academy trusts (MATs) and their schools.

The Bett Awards are an integral part of the UK’s Bett Show (25-28 January 2017), the world’s leading showcase of education technology.  The awards celebrate both innovation in digital...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 09 November 2016

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The Crisis in Teacher Supply - are MATs making the most of their resources?

TES highlighted once more this week (14 June 2016) the mounting concern amongst School and Trust leaders surrounding teacher shortages, especially in some STEM subjects. 

Their comments followed the recent publication of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report Training New Teachers (10 June 2016), alongside a previous report by the National Audit...

Posted by Richard Sambrook Smith - 15 June 2016

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The Most Effective Way to Build a Premier League Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)

What a week this has been for the Education sector! Firstly George Osborne identifies Education as a key area of priority in his 2016 Budget, announcing  all schools will have to become academies by 2022; then today (17 March) Nicky Morgan reveals her white paper for Education (the first since 2010) to driveEducational Excellence Everywhere ”.

Posted by Lin Burrows - 21 March 2016

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