The governance of your school data needs to be in order in just over three months

If you’re short on time and need to get up to speed quickly, here’s some useful free information to help you understand and prepare for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (25th May 2018).


What the GDPR means for schools and how to get ready for it ...

This blog is a good place to begin as it outlines what the GDPR is and the implications for schools: Is your School getting ready for the GDPR?

The accompanying, free, Novatia Note, provides you with a more detailed four point action plan to start your journey of getting ready for the GDPR.

Download your Novatia Note

We always refer people back to the ICO's guideGetting Ready for GDPR. You'll find it contains a wealth of helpful tips. These, combined with our four point plan outlined in our blog above, will set your school on the right path.

Your first step in preparing for the GDPR ...

Our blog, Schools and the GDPR - the crucial first step, your data audit (or 'Data Mapping') outlines what you need to do to effectively start your journey of compliance with the GDPR.

You can also download more detailed guidance about your data audit and what you need to do.


No time for this? Then let us help you ...

Check out our blog GDPR Compliance in Schools which outlines Novatia's GDPR Readiness Support Service. Many of our clients find it helpful to use an external service to pinpoint critical areas that they might otherwise be overlooked. 

Novatia have worked with over 250 schools and MATs; our data experts know all too well the challenges and opportunities facing clients.  Contact us either on 01962 832632 or for an informal conversation about where your school is and how we can help you get where it needs to be.

We look forward to hearing from you ... preparing for the GDPR really isn't as frightening as it might seem.




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