Tick tock, tick tock … the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is creeping nearer.  As politicians continue to thrash out the UK’s future relations with Europe, one thing is for sure, come 25th May 2018 new important changes in data compliance will start to apply, regardless of Brexit

So is your school or trust getting ready for GDPR?  

Novatia has worked with over 250 schools and MATs; our data experts recognise just what types of challenges lie ahead for clients. The GDPR timescale is tight and the implications are enormous.  It can be daunting for school leaders to even know where to start.

With this in mind, Novatia has developed a GDPR Readiness Support Service to help clients to meet their responsibilities under the new regulations.  Click here to download details.

FIVE important reasons why you should use our GDPR Support Service …

  • It will send a strong message that you are taking data protection seriously.
  • It will allow you to fully understand what data you have, who owns it, who’s responsible for it and the systems you’re using to store it, access it and report on it.
  • It will ensure you have an efficient system in place to detect, report and investigate any personal data breaches.
  • It will make certain any entrenched practices at your organisation are not overlooked.
  • It will ultimately provide the peace of mind that your whole school community is safer with more secure data processes.

Some of our clients have found it helpful to use an external GDPR service to assist them in pinpointing any critical issues.  Preparing for GDPR can be a great opportunity to improve the ways that we collect, handle and use personal data – either in digital or paper form.

If you would like to find out more about the right options for your school or trust, or any other Education ICT issue, please do get in touch on 01962 832632 or info@novatia.com.  Alternatively, take a quick look at our website www.novatia.com.


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