There’s no doubt, as an Education leader, ICT causes you one of the biggest headaches.  But have you ever thought about your role and how you can affect it?  Often the truth is it’s not simply the ICT people’s fault.  It’s a symptom of a wider issue, indicating a lack of clear ICT vision and direction. 


We have worked with hundreds of schools, trusts and academies and often see the problem presented in a variety of ways, including “I can’t access the network”, “I can’t find the software I need”, “I can’t get my computer to connect from home” and the invariable cry - “What ARE our ICT people actually doing?”


ICT has to be led from the top.  You might have inherited a chaotic approach to ICT. You might not have been given the funds to make ICT a strategic priority. But it needs to be. Planning a clear and decisive ICT vision and strategy can bring rich rewards for schools and MATs. Structured planning can avoid the chaos often caused by differing platforms and applications wrestling against each other.  Cost savings will be significant as well as improvement in your student outcomes.


Here are four compelling reasons why ICT is a strategic priority for your leadership team: 

  1. ICT is an effective tool for teaching
  2. ICT provides an accessible opportunity for learning
  3. ICT makes effective use of resources
  4. ICT connects the whole school community


For many school leaders, the journey to developing a clear ICT vision and strategic goals for their school or trust begins with an analysis of their current state.  This includes a strategic review, governance review, ICT in Teaching and Learning health check, a technical audit and an operational health check.   Once you’ve established where you are now, you can start to plan ahead. 


For more detailed advice about developing an ICT vision and strategy for MATs and schools please download and read a copy of our Novatia note:


 Download our guide:   ICT Vision 


Stop the symptoms of ICT chaos. Let us help you take control.


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