In our role as ICT advisors to the UK Education market, we have worked with hundreds of trusts, schools and academies.  One thing we can say with absolute confidence is that, properly organised and analysed, data can be an important strategic tool for Education leaders. 

Used continually and correctly, it can provide leaders with an instant snapshot of their schools, providing them with up-to-date information so they can manage resources effectively to ensure significant improvement in educational outcomes.

However, with data held in so many silos how can multi-academy trust (MAT) leaders achieve their objectives without challenging a school’s autonomy?  Here is our checklist in six easy steps:

  1. Draw up a data strategy
  2. Ensure the correct data is being captured
  3. Identify and monitor any interventions
  4. Add comparative data sources
  5. Set up a strategic data group
  6. Invest in suitable data analytics

If you would like to find out about each of the six steps above in more detail download a copy of our note here:

 Download your Novatia Note

MAT leaders won’t be able to ask the relevant questions if they can’t see comparable data across all of their schools.  Many MATs share reports and spreadsheets in different silos.  This can make it very hard to compare and contrast data.  A single matrix is preferable.  This enables leaders to understand the impact of one benchmark on another.  E.g. staff absence – does it have an impact on performance of a Year 11 pupil?  Lesson cost – how much do they cost from one academy to another and is this cost effective?

OFSTED inspections state that MATs need to be able to identify weaknesses, provide effective support to sustain improvement and to ensure measure to spot underperformance.  Without an effective data analytics tool, Education leaders will find it difficult to determine the success of their data strategy.


If you would like to find out more about Questa, our data analytics tool developed specially for MATs and schools, please visit our website  Alternatively, if you would like help with your data strategy or any other Education ICT issue please email us on or 01962 832632.

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