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We take our passion, knowledge, and experience of ICT to make a real difference to learning outcomes in Education. As a result, “Novatia” is synonymous with independent, consistent, excellent ICT solutions which facilitate ongoing improvements in UK Education.

Stop the ICT chaos

We’ll help you gain clarity, control, and understanding of your ICT, so you can implement the correct solutions for your organisation’s needs both inside and outside the classroom.

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Make IT happen

You know that ICT is vital to achieving your organisation’s educational vision. You know what needs to be done. We’re the ICT partner that can make it happen.

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Drowning in data

You have multiple sources of data but no simple, easy way to pull it together into useful information. We’ll show you how to use data in a more informed way to improve learning outcomes and your organisation’s management.

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You have responsibility for building a large Educational facility. We are the trusted, reliable ICT partner you need who will create, develop and deliver an ICT infrastructure, end to end, as part of a construction project.

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Harnessing ICT Excellence for Education

We’re passionate about using ICT to support the UK Education sector both inside and outside the classroom. With our excellent and consistently high standard of work, we deliver results and exceed expectations.

Having worked in ICT in Education since 2003, we know that ICT plays a fundamental role in the learning experience and managing educational organisations.

We also know that we operate in a constantly evolving digital world. Our clients choose us because they trust us to help them discover and choose the best ICT strategies and solutions to meet their needs.

They trust us because we understand them.

We have worked with over 250 clients in UK Education.

These include Ofsted, the Department of Education, multi-academy trusts (MATs), secondary schools, FE colleges, University Technical Colleges (UTCs), studio schools, free schools and universities, and large UK construction firms who build our Educational facilities.

Our areas of ICT expertise in Education include:

  • ICT consultancy and advice
  • Undertaking objective and discreet ICT reviews and audits
  • Designing suitable ICT visions and strategies
  • Implementing, or project managing the implementation of, as much of the ICT strategy as required
  • Putting in place solutions to maintain ICT excellence
  • Offering a full range of ICT procurement services
  • Planning and preparing for legislative changes e.g. GDPR
  • Planning, designing and implementing ICT infrastructure in new Educational buildings

ICT is an incredibly powerful and enabling tool. Let us help you and your education organisation to harness it effectively, to improve your teaching & learning.

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