Do you have a clear vision for your School or Trust’s ICT but don’t seem to be able to turn it into a reality? Need help to drive your ideas forward? 

An effective ICT Strategic Facilitator can help you address these four common issues: 

  1. Your ICT Group meets regularly but gets drawn into the weeds of operational break & fix discussions – an ICT Strategic Facilitator will bring the discussion back up to the strategic level and use everyone’s valuable time wisely.
  2. You are trying to build consensus with stakeholders in your school or stakeholders across multiple Academies within your MAT – an ICT Strategic Facilitator will help you to establish a forum for facilitated discussions to enable strategies to be challenged, agreed and eventually championed by the group.
  3. Your ICT decisions are being made in silos resulting in increased cost, false starts and conflict – an ICT Strategic Facilitator will help you to bring those silos together in order to ensure a cohesive strategy.
  4. Your ICT team lacks inspiration and has little opportunity to explore innovation – an experienced ICT Strategic Facilitator can bring new ideas and energy.

Some of our clients have found it helpful to have an external ICT Strategic Facilitator.Click here to download details about bringing in a Novatia expert to be your ICT Strategic Facilitator.


If you would like to find out more about this role and what the right options are for your school or trust, or any other Education ICT problems, please do get in touch on 01962 832632 or  Alternatively, take a look at our website on

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