Andy Waring, one of our Novatia consultants is your expert presenter and hosts this webinar on, 'ICT Projects - Implementing an ICT project during and beyond a crisis'. 

This webinar is ideal for leaders in MATs or individual schools who want to have a better understanding of how to retrospectively ensure that any initiatives they implemented during school lockdown are in line with their ICT strategy and robust enough for the long term. Andy is also sharing his top tips on how to, in an ideal world, implement an ICT project on time and avoid some of the typical pitfalls.

Drawing on his experience as an ICT Director in a MAT, as well as his Novatia consultancy expertise, Andy shares with us:

  • The key issues some MATs and schools may be facing after such quick ICT implementation
  • How to ensure that they are fit for purpose for the long term
  • The steps to take in the future to successfully implement your ICT Project
  • He also answers any questions you may have

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