Data in MATs and Academies: Five steps to drive self-evaluation and improvement

Most multi-academy trusts (MATs) and academies are busy collecting, saving and crunching enormous amounts of data.  But all too often this data is unable to be turned into truly useful information.

However, used effectively, data can be the powerhouse to drive self-evaluation.  Aggregated and analysed correctly, it can be used to not only improve educational performance and the learning experience but business operations, staff performance and a myriad of other areas as well.

www.novatia.comhubfsimagesachievement-agreement-arms-1068523-8So how can you, as a senior school or Trust leader, begin to make more sense of your data? 

Download our guide:   Data in MATs & Academies - Self-evaluation and Improvement 

First begin by asking yourself these simple questions:

  • Who is your data for and why is it needed?
  • What impact will it have on learning and workload?
  • How reliable and comparable is it?
  • Can you use it to make accurate judgements?
  • How easy is it to spot where you need to intervene?

Once you have better clarity on these points then you can start to pull your data together more intelligently, using it to help make better management decisions and raise pupil achievement.

We recommend you take these FIVE crucial steps:

  1. Set a Data Vision
  2. Carry out a Data Audit
  3. Develop an Actionable Plan 
  4. Decide on tools/resources to implement
  5. Make it happen!

Questa_laptop_attendance_explore_1We developed Questa in the UK, a Trust Level Management Tool that gives you oversight and control, when we realised that many of our clients didn't have the right ICT tools or resources to cost-effectively pull together and analyse their data at a MAT level.  Questa is now being used by MATs across the country to help them implement their plans. 

To find out how you can get more from your MAT and school data book a Questa demo! 

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