Effective Data Use in Schools and Trusts

Our clients have no time to spare. They want to spend their time analysing and using their school data to improve student outcomes; not waste hours, crunching numbers and pouring over spreadsheets across several different systems.

As ICT advisors to UK Education, we recommend, as a school or multi-academy trust (MAT) leader, you take these three steps to gain control:

  1. Set a Data Vision
  2. Do a Data Audit
  3. Close the Data Gap

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1-3All too often we see schools drowning in data. To avoid this, you need to ensure the data you are collecting is something which you can draw meaningful conversations from. These three steps will enable you to use your data as a powerful tool to inform strategic decisions, raise standards and improve learning.   

Some of our clients prefer to use an expert partner to facilitate the process – a partner who can also provide intelligent software, which amongst other things, can present data and data flows in a clear, visual way. 

Questa has been developed by industry specialists with years of experience in collecting and analysing educational data, with input from a wide number of senior trust leaders and school data managers.  Why not take a look for yourself?

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