Why choose Questa?

Are you drowning in data? There is a way to optimise the use of data so that Trust leaders can make a decision and take actions that will benefit educational outcomes and effectively manage your Trust business.

Questa is a data warehouse yet, it is more than just a data storage facility. It brings together key data about your schools, can draw correlations between functions and student outcomes e.g. the performance of teachers and pupil progress and attainment or money spent on building maintenance and learning outcomes. Questa displays the data in a visual format, allowing you to quickly see what is happening.

By centralising and processing the raw data, Questa frees up your time, allowing you to analyse, compare, forecast and report on subject performance, quality of learning, and progress across all of the schools within your Trust.




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Questa: key facts 

  • Questa is a single source of truth. It brings data from all your different data sources into one place and converts this data into consistent formats allowing for better analysis. shows the comparative performance of all your schools across the Trust on one dashboard.
  • Questa analyses the raw data and presents it back to you in a consistent, easy to understand and interrogable format.
  • Questa is a 100% cloud-based data delivery service, there are no additional hardware costs.
  • Questa’s dashboards are automated, uploading as new data is entered into the data warehouse
  • Questa allows you unlimited users. Everyone can explore the level of data they need through Trust and School level dashboards.
  • Questa data is held securely, hosted in a Level 1 data centre and transmitted over HTTPS with 128-bit encryption.



Questa, a data warehouse has been designed by Senior school Leaders, and it has been used by MATs since early 2016. The Questa Team continues to make improvements and adjustments following feedback, so the product keeps meeting the needs of leaders and managers in MATs.

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“Using Questa has provided us with the ability to create one-page dashboards for our Trustees, Executive Team and for each school in our Trust."

Gary Handforth, Executive Principal & Director of Education, Bright Futures Educational Trust


Questa Business Case

We know that you may need to demonstrate to Senior Management how Questa can help with your data management, individual school performance and overall Trust success.

We, therefore, have developed this Business Case Pack to help you demonstrate the value of Questa.



Download our  Business Case pack

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