Questa helps you manage all aspects of your Trust and the schools in it.
Designed for Trust leaders and managers, to run their schools even more efficiently, Questa has one core module and a range of add-on modules.
Together, these help you build a data-based, evidence-driven picture of your schools allowing you to make informed and impactful decisions in a timely manner.
The Questa Modules:
  • Attendance & Behaviour 
  • Assessment
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Renaissance Questa Dashboard
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Attendance_Orange-1Attendance & Behaviour

We know that attendance and behaviour are key metrics that you need to record and analyse, which is why this is our core module. With both Trust and school-level reports examining attendance and behaviour, you will be able to spot patterns and identify which actions need to be taken. In addition, Questa allows you to compare your Trust and individual schools against national data.



We know that you want to have your finger on the pulse of your income and expenditure for the Trust as a whole and each individual school, which is why the finance module has reports that shows categories as defined by the DfE as well as your own accounting.

Key data includes staff costs and financial efficiencies, which is all presented visually so that it can be easily shared with governors and trustees.


Using this add-on will help you to present data for current, predicted and target grades for each pupil as well as allowing you to compare across your schools and nationally. Being able to examine the data in this way allows you to spot progress or to make key interventions in a timely fashion, thus helping pupils to achieve their learning goals.


The HR module has a number of different reports that pulls together information about staff turnover, absence and disciplinaries – all in one place.

renaissance-445x40 dashboard

The Renaissance Questa Dashboard provides schools using Renaissance products with the ability to consolidate their data at trust level. Easy to use, real-time results in user-friendly dashboards allow for all of the MATs schools to be compared in a single integrated view.

Behaviour Screen Shot

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