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Take a look at some of the ICT Services for Education that we can offer:

  • ICT Vision and Strategy
  • ICT Health Check
  • ICT Best Value Procurement
  • ICT Operational Review
  • ICT Implementation Support
  • Launchpad Services for new Free Schools and Academies
  • Main Contractor ICT Services

ICT Vision and Strategy

"We have a number of schools in our multi-academy trust, each with its own ICT support team. What we need is a clearly unified ICT vision and strategy to cover everyone".

Novatia recognises that for ICT to be effective in Education there needs to be a clear link between an individual school or trust’s educational vision and ICT strategy.  ICT spending to meet short term needs can lead to a mix of systems and a wide range of costly long term problems. 

Drawing on our experience of working with over 300 schools, we can help you determine your key requirements and costs for the future, recommending the best technology solutions and creating for you a tailor-made three to five year strategic implementation plan.  Once this is in place, we can continue to offer ICT Best Value Procurement and Project implementation Support, offering independent advice and management services.

A current state review of your ICT, alongside user surveys and interviews, can help us to quickly establish the way ahead, taking into account current market trends and the national direction of travel for educational ICT.

ICT Health Check

"We'd like to adopt a 'bring your own device' policy. Is our network infrastructure robust enough to support this?"

Novatia's ICT Health Check is the first step in establishing effective ICT solutions within trusts, academies and individual schools.

Working closely with you, on various school sites if necessary, Novatia will carry out a current state review (CSR) of your ICT operations and network infrastructures, as well as your learning and teaching methods.  These investigations will result in a written report, detailing where investment may be necessary and recommending where potential savings could be gained. 

Your ICT Health Check will include:

 Technical CSR

  • Audit of network architecture, including physical condition, design, implementation and documentation
  • State of the server infrastructure, operating systems, implemented policies and security
  • Quality, age and suitability of user devices
  • Suitability of software to support your educational vision
  • Operational review of your internal ICT service

Teaching and Learning CSR

  • Feedback from senior and middle leaders, teachers and pupils about use of technology and digital resources in the classroom
  • Insight into the impact technology is making on the experiences and achievements of all ICT users
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of technology in supporting teaching and learning at each individual school
  • Engagement with key stakeholders about ICT innovation, assessing appetite and capacity for risk and change

ICT Best Value Procurement




"We have £400,000 to spend on ICT. What should we actually buy?"


Novatia can ensure you get exactly the ICT you need at the most affordable price by independently facilitating your ICT procurement. We are not linked to any products and services and can therefore recommend the latest innovations, most suited to your school or trust’s requirements. Other benefits from using our services can include risk transfer, legal compliance and increased bid competition between suppliers. Once procurement is complete we can assist with Implementation Support and the question of how to maximise the use of the new technologies amongst learners.

ICT Implementation Support




"Where can we find the right ICT people who really understand implementation issues in schools?"

Novatia can oversee the implementation of your new technology, working on your behalf to make sure your ICT Vision & Strategy can become a reality. Governance is a key issue here and we can help you to manage project progress, covering important areas such as cost management, risks and issues as well as change controls and user acceptance testing.

ICT Operational Review




"Have we got the right ICT services to support our learning and teaching needs?"


Novatia has a proven track record in improving ICT service delivery within trusts, academies and individual schools. 

What do the support team do ALL day?

ICT support teams can be often under enormous pressure to fire-fight a range of minor daily issues, which can prevent any real strategic development of systems from taking place. The implementation of a set of practices for IT service management, that focuses on the needs of schools or trusts, through an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is key to helping to take control.   An effective ITIL ensures support teams can be proactive rather than reactive, which in turn gives the user faith in the reliability of systems and equipment, in the knowledge technical issues will be dealt with promptly.

Novatia has developed a bespoke process to successfully implement ITIL to match the ICT requirements of your institution. We can also carry out a full ICT Health Check; reviewing your equipment and software, ensuring it is suitably configured and that best use of it is being made both in the classroom and in managing the school.

Main Contractor ICT Services




"We need ICT specialists who can design and supply a bespoke ICT infrastructure solution for 12 new schools we are building."


Novatia has an outstanding reputation for working alongside main contractors, as an integrated team member, on a wide range of capital build projects. With experience of more than 60 school builds, we can help reduce risk for contractors, by providing tailor-made ICT design solutions to meet the EFA’s Facilities Output Specifications. Over the last 13 years, our services have given contractors a proven edge, and continue to provide expertise within both the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP) and the EFA Regional Framework.

network.jpg Novatia can work with main contractors on all areas of the EFA’s ICT Responsibilities Matrix. Providing ICT solutions for areas such as server and hub rooms, cable specification, power and heat requirements, active network design, wireless network design, Teaching Wall including AV, FF&E and CCTV integration, cashless catering, telephony, access control and e-registration.

Launchpad Services for new Free Schools and Academies


“We’re very excited about our new free school. We have a clear vision but is there someone out there who can guide us through the whole application process, so we stand the best possible chance of being successful?”


Novatia can help turn your vision into reality by offering Launchpad Services for your new Free School or Academy.


We can provide expertise with the completion of any or all sections of your application to the Departing for Education and advise you on your draft submissions. Solutions can be provided for any site, technical or legal issues.

In addition we can provide you with key support for the DfE interview, even accompanying the trust team, if required.

We can also assist you in the recruitment process for a suitable Principal Designate.


Once you have the green light, we can work with you on all your education deliverables, tailoring them to your individual school or academy’s needs.  This includes support drawing up a clear strategic development plan to meet your education vision.  Other areas we can help with include policy making for education and staff; educational plans, all registrations, HR & recruitment, ICT integration with teaching and learning, stakeholder consultation, marketing & Best Practice feedback.