Why use Questa?

Questa seamlessly brings together data from all the schools in your trust, presenting the results in a straight forward, easy-to-read way which you can then share.

The service has been developed by industry specialists with years of experience in collecting and analysing educational data, with input from a wide number of senior trust leaders and school data managers.

Using Questa, your multi-academy trust can compare and contrast the performance and progress of every school, subject, teacher and student, in just one single multi-layered view using a series of tried and tested, purpose built dashboards. 

Questa dashboard - student attendance and progress

Questa integrates data from multiple MIS sources, on user-friendly dashboards with selected KPIs and filters, designed to meet your requirements. An added plus is, alongside individual attainment and behaviour levels, you will also be able to view national performance tables, measuring your own results against other schools in postcodes with similar demographics.

How does Questa support great school leadership? You will have all the key data you need to effectively self-evaluate your schools and trust, allowing you to instantly spot patterns and trends, so you can intervene and act quickly.

So how flexible is Questa? The best thing is Questa provides two services in one. Both individual schools as well as trusts can benefit from using Questa's real-time analytics. It can be easily adapted to meet each user’s needs.

How is Questa maintained? Questa users benefit from full support from our team who will make ongoing modifications in line with any changes in national reporting requirements.

So if you are accountable for learning outcomes, either at school or trust level, Questa is here to help.


Data in UK Education - the problems and solutions: read our helpful tipsheet, detailing some of the common data issues school leaders encounter and how these can be overcome.

Questa dashboard - income/expenditure per pupil

Questa users include chief executives of multi-academy trusts (MATS), business managers, data managers, performance and education directors as well as headteachers, heads of departments and classroom teachers.

Questa dashboard - Year 11 English progress analysis

How does Questa work? Take a look at our two minute video to see some of our latest interactive dashboards:


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 “Using Questa has had both intended and unexpected benefits. Most importantly, it has provided us with the ability to create one-page dashboards for our Trustees, Executive Team and for each school in our Trust. These show us how our schools are performing at key data points throughout the year."

- Gary Handforth, Executive Principal & Director of Education, Bright Futures Educational Trust 

“Questa has helped to make my life so much easier. I don’t have to sit for hours churning all the data out myself from Excel spreadsheets which is really good. It’s freeing me up to have more time, so I can look at the data in greater detail.

Marie Foucher, Deputy Headteacher, Ilford County High School


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