Using carefully selected filters and analytics and multiple data sources, trust managers can face the call for greater accountability, by accessing and correlating all the right data to make informed choices for their trusts and schools.
Questa is the engine that drives this new approach; providing a 100% cloud-based data delivery service with a comprehensive view of progress for all key stages, across the whole of a trust. Our dashboards are fully automated – updating as new data is entered into our systems.
Spotting behaviour and attendance trends early can make a huge difference in any school or MAT’s performance.  In our experience, establishing patterns, to direct any interventions and identify best practice, can be critical.  
Questa's tailor-made dashboards have been specially designed to help you.  
Not only are they customised to monitor and evaluate particular student groups, but are fully interactive, allowing easy comparison between all the schools within a particular trust, as well as across postcodes. This unique feature allows the impact of any interventions or measures to be scrutinised across the entire learning environment.

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